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V-Cube 7 Illusion

V-Cube Illusion 7 Layers 7x7x7


V-CUBE™ 7 'Illusion'

V-CUBE™ 7 ILLUSION is a two-colored, seven-layered smooth rotation cube

The V-CUBE™ 7 “Illusion” offers a new, different challenge! The game consists of two colored cubies, a checkerboard scheme on the cube, which may look easy to solve, but look again; this is how the cube got its name V-CUBE™ 7 “Illusion”!

This game concept is new and unique!

Cubers who enjoy a little less intensified challenge will enjoy this cube which helps build cubing skills.

There is a special trick to find the solution of the V-CUBE™7 “Illusion”.
Five sides of this cube have a full checkerboard scheme. However, the 6th side (”the special side”) has a reversed checkerboard pattern.
Solving this particular side of the V-CUBE™7 “Illusion” will automatically solve the rest of the cube. It is as if you are solving just one side of a regular six-colored cube!!!

You can enjoy the challenge of solving this bi-colored cube yourself but it is also a great gift for friends, family and co-workers. Its modern design fits in perfectly with home or office decor and it is an impressive conversation piece!

V-CUBE™ 7 Illusion is a multi-colored, Seven-layered smooth rotation cube

The V-CUBE™7 “Illusion” is currently available in four different color variations providing a broader range of color preferences!

V-CUBE 7 Illusion - Green
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