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V-CUBE Flags

V-Cube Flags 6 & 7 Layers


V-CUBE™ Flags

V-CUBE™ color categorization now offers 6 and 7-layered, two-colored cubes and 7-layered, two or three-colored cubes made with quality colored plastic pieces or colored stickers!

These designs represent flags of various locations around the world! They offer a more intensified challenge and increase cube building skills.

There are many benefits of owning a V-CUBE™ “Flag”. It can be used as a symbol of one’s nationality, heritage, place of significance and also as a unique, eye-catching home or office décor. V-CUBE™ “Flags” is simply a great idea for a valuable and challenging gift!

V-CUBE™ Flags is a multi-colored, smooth rotation cube

V-CUBE 7 Denmark

V-CUBE 7 Denmark



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