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V-CUBE™ products are manufactured under V-CUBE™ technology, invented and patented worldwide by the Greek Engineer Panagiotis VERDES.

V-CUBE™ technology made possible the construction of a cube with an unlimited number of layers, providing safe and smooth rotation! The V-CUBE™ product series entails any sized cube !

Our patented V-CUBE™ Technology applies to cubes of layers ranging from 2x2x2 to 11x11x11.

V-CUBE™ is a worldwide registered trademark of VERDES Innovations S.A, a company under the inventor’s chairmanship.

The company was founded in 2008 and is located in the Korinthos prefecture of Southern Greece.

VERDES Innovations S.A. is the sole producer of the V-CUBE™ products. Our vision is to provide people involved in cube games with a unique opportunity to extend their capabilities and enhance their cube solving experience by using V-CUBE™Technology.

VERDES Innovations S.A. consists of a designing division, a production division, a sales division, a logistic division and a support division, of which all strive to provide the best quality control and customer service support possible. All contemporary, safety and high-tech standards are used in order to accommodate customers, including authorized V-CUBE™ dealers and cubers worldwide, so that they acquire our latest technology cube games efficiently and with all the necessary support.

For a full investigation of V-CUBE technology take a look at the granted European Patent of Panagiotis Verdes and enjoy !

Verdes Innovations S.A. contact details are as follows:

Verdes Innovations S.A
Chiliomodi, Tenea, GR-20008 Greece
Tel: +30 2741-0-99280
Fax: +30 2741-0-99281

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