V-Collections Greek Memories i3i

A unique and highly innovative gift for unforgettable memories.

Capture your special holiday moments in Greece

Experience the unsurpassed beauty of Greece in this new V-Collections series featuring spectacular sea views and the characteristic architecture of Athens, Nafplio and the Greek islands. Cosmopolitan Corfu in the Ionian Sea, picturesque Nafplio, the first capital of Modern Greece, the Medieval City of Rhodes, Iraklion and Chania, Crete , Mykonos, the jetsetter’s haven and Athens, the Cradle of Western Civilization add unforgettable Greek memories to your game, while you enjoy the intellectual challenge of V-CUBE™ cleVer Cubes, the finest quality rotational puzzle.

V-COLLECTIONS GREEK MEMORIES  V-CUBE™  rotation puzzle cube toy


Available in V-CUBE™ 2 Available in V-CUBE™ 3 Difficulty Variations: Pillow Borderless, sticker-less

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