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V-Cube Keychain

V-Cube keychain 3x3 small, portable rotating cube

V-CUBE™ brings to you the V-3 keychain!

The ultimate cubers’ keychain!
Fun and functional, the V3 Keychain is enjoyable to look at AND to solve.

The small, portable rotating cube is fully functional and abides by the strict quality standards of the rest of our V-Cube range.

Designed with smart precision, this fun accessory rotates smoothly, is easy to handle and super satisfying to solve. You can hold the cube in your hand, put it your pocket and even hold it together with your keys!

V-CUBE™ 3 is a multi-colored, three-layered smooth rotation cube

Much like the classic V-Cube 3, the Keychain V3 has 4.32*1019 possible permutations but weighs no more than 30g together with the chain! The mini-cube consists of 26 mini-cubies and a solid cross for supporting their independent rotation on based axes. Available in both the classic Flat shape and our unique “Pillow” shape.

Buy Now and bring your V-CUBE 3 everywhere with you!

V-Keychain 3x3 Pillow
V-Keychain 3x3 Flat

V-Keychain 3x3 Flat



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How-to Solve V-Cube3 in 7 simple steps with our how-to videos guide

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