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The Labors of Hercules

The Labors of Hercules

Realize your Herculean mental power and solve this series of truly challenging and enjoyable Labors of mighty Hercules!
This is an extraordinary Brain Teaser offering thrilling pattern-puzzle solving experiences. Themed around the journey of the great, Greek mythology hero, Hercules, this game consists of four Collections of three Labors each.
There is a progression in difficulty from one Labor to the other and from one Collection to the next. The puzzles were designed by hand and originate in the home land of Hercules.

Challenge the power of your mind and imagination and be the Hercules of puzzle solving!

Do you have what it takes to face the challenge? Undertake the Labors of Hercules to find out!
Imagine and guess / Try and discover / Fight and win / Solve the enigma

Don't miss any pack! These patented series of 2D pattern puzzles are designed and made in EU-Greece and are offered with instructions in Greek, English, German, French, Spanish and Polish.

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I. The journey begins
The Labors of Hercules | Trilogy I I The journey begins Including the trilogy of the f..

II. Taming the beast within
The Labors of Hercules | Trilogy II II Taming the beast within Including the trilogy o..

III. Capture and resourcefulness
The Labors of Hercules | Trilogy III III Capture and resourcefulness Including the tri..

IV. Before the gates of realization
The Labors of Hercules | Trilogy IV IV Before the gates of realization Including the t..

Hercules Labors Complete Collection
The challenging series of 2D Pattern Puzzle The Labors of Hercules Complete Collection Include..

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