three-layered 3x3x3 cube
 V-Cube Pillow surface
Borderless sticker-less
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directly on Cube Printed colors
Weight 98gr
26 Pieces - Cubies

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Iceland is a Nordic, island nation between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.
The country is characterized by its dramatic volcanic landscape including geysers, hot springs, black sand beaches. The country is volcanically active and its interior consists of a plateau with sand and lava fields, mountains and glaciers.
Iceland is Europe’s second largest island after Great Britain.

Most of the population lives along the coastline. Reykjavik, the capital and largest city, was founded in 1766 as an official trading town and, until the 18th century, there was no urban development. Today Reykjavik is considered one of the world’s cleanest, greenest, safest cities.

Among the city’s landmarks is the Perlan Building (25.7 meter) high, with 10,000 cubic meters of exhibition space on the ground floor, known as the Winter Garden.
The venue has shops, restaurants and panoramic view from the 4th floor from telescopes at six corners of the deck.

The immense Hallgrimskirkja cathedral, built from white concrete, dominates the skyline and is visible from 20 km away.  A controversial work in size and radical design, its architect, Guojon Samuelsson, never saw its completion.

Buy now and add the magic of architectural design gems to your V-Collections!

3 Layers
three-layered cube
shape Pillow-shaped
colouration Printed colors
dimensions 6,4x6,4x6,4 cm
weight 98 gr
pieces 26
No. of Colors image
Design Gems - Iceland - V-CUBE 3 pillow

Iceland - V-CUBE 3 pillow

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  • Product Code: Design Gems - Iceland - V-CUBE 3 pillow
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