two layered 2x2x2 cube
 V-Cube Pillow surface
Borderless sticker-less
 V-Cube Difficulty Level
directly on Cube Printed colors
Weight 74gr
26 Pieces - Cubies

V-Collections - Gems of Design


Vietnam, the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, is the eighth most populated Asian country. Its capital city is Hanoi. The country’s long history, beginning in 111 B.C. as part of Imperial China includes the early successive, Vietnamese dynasties, foreign occupation, revolution and today’s one-party Communist State. Presently, Vietnam’s economic growth is among the highest in the world.

The flag of Vietnam, the red flag with a gold star, was designed in 1949, with the red signifying revolution and the star representing the five classes in Vietnamese society.
Vietnam’s history and landscape are captured in unique monuments and natural wonders. Some of the highlights of Vietnam are Thien Mu Pagoda, with seven stories, is the tallest religious building in Vietnam and regarded as the unofficial symbol of the former imperial capital; fascinating Ha long Bay Vietnam, with its thousands of limestone isles in various sizes and shapes, and  Sa Pa Terraces, with hundreds of petro glyphs, mostly composed of lines, which experts think date from the 15th century and represent local cadastres, records of land values.

Discover the rich history and culture of Vietnam while you enjoy the challenge of the cleVer Cube, the finest quality rotational puzzle.

2 Layers
two-layered cube
shape Pillow-shaped
colouration Printed colors
dimensions 5,6x5,6x5,6 cm
weight 74 gr
pieces 26
No. of Colors image
Design Gems - Vietnam - V-CUBE 2 pillow

Vietnam- V-CUBE 2 pillow

  • Brand: V-CUBE
  • Product Code: Design Gems - Vietnam - V-CUBE 2 pillow
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 12.00€

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