two layered 2x2x2 cube
 V-Cube Flat surface
Borderless sticker-less
 V-Cube Difficulty Level
directly on Cube Printed colors
Weight 74gr
26 Pieces - Cubies

V-Collections - Art Emotions

El Greco

El Greco or Doménikos Theotokópoulos (1541 – 7 April 1614) was born on the island of Crete, which, at that time, was a part of the Republic of Venice. He was a painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance.  Distinguished for his highly individual style, he belongs to no conventional school and is regarded as a precursor of both Expressionism and Cubism.   
Experience the art emotions of Greco's dramatic and expressionistic style, while you enjoy the intellectual challenge of the cleVer Cube, the finest quality rotational puzzle.

Buy now and add the magic of great art to your V-Collections!
2 Layers
two-layered cube
shape Flat
colouration Printed colors
dimensions 5x5x5 cm
weight 74 gr
pieces 26
No. of Colors image
El Greco - V-CUBE 2 Flat

El Greco - V-CUBE 2 Flat

  • Brand: V-CUBE
  • Product Code: El Greco - V-CUBE 2 Flat
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  • 12.00€

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