• V-CUBE 8 Black
 V-Cube Pillow surface
 V-Cube Difficulty Level
Colorful Stickers
Weight 425 gr
324 Pieces - Cubies

The V-CUBE™ 8 is a uniquely designed and constructed skill game. V-CUBE™ 8 is a multi-colored, 8-layered cube, rotating smoothly on based axes. The player is required to discover a strategy to achieve uniform colored sides on her/ his V-CUBE™ 8. The V-CUBE™ 8 will challenge and improve your intellectual abilities. You will need to discover intelligent strategies, tricky combinations and sophisticated techniques, in order to solve this masterpiece!
The V-CUBE™ 8 consists of 324 small pieces-cubies and the solid-cross that supports them, so that they can rotate independently on based axes.

8 Layers
eight-layered cube
shape Pillow
colouration Colorful Stickers
dimensions 9,5x9,5x9,5 cm
weight 425 gr
pieces 324
No. of Colors 6
V-CUBE 8 Black

V-CUBE 8 Black

  • Brand: V-CUBE
  • Product Code: V-CUBE 8 Black
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 49.99€

Tags: 8 Layer V-Cube, 6 Color V-Cube, Flat Shaped V-Cube, Black Body V-Cube

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