three-layered 3x3x3 cube
 V-Cube Pillow surface
Borderless sticker-less
 V-Cube Difficulty Level
directly on Cube Printed colors
Weight 98gr
26 Pieces - Cubies

V-Collections - Greek Memories


Cresant-shaped Santorini (Thira) is actually a group of islands, the southernmost part of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea.

The islands that create Santorini are the result of intense volcanic activity, 12 huge explosions, approximately every 20,000 years apart, which caused the collapse of the volcano’s center into the sea creating a crater (caldera).
The archaeological site at Akrotiri with its treasured findings highlight the splendorous life style of one of the most important prehistoric settlements in the Aegean. The elaborate drainage system, the sophisticated multi-storied buildings with the magnificent wall-paintings, furniture and vessels, show its great development and prosperity.

Santorini’s dramatic landscape, a rock jutting from the sea ,combined with the island’s charming Aegean architecture, blue-domed churches, vineyards producing fine wine and local cuisine reflect its long and rich heritage as a gem of the Aegean.

2 Layers
three-layered cube
shape Pillow-shaped
colouration Printed colors
dimensions 6,4x6,4x6,4 cm
weight 98 gr
pieces 26
No. of Colors image
Greek Memories - Santorini- V-CUBE 3 pillow

Santorini - V-CUBE 3 pillow

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  • Product Code: Greek Memories - Santorini- V-CUBE 3 pillow
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