three-layered 3x3x3 cube
 V-Cube Pillow surface
Borderless sticker-less
 V-Cube Difficulty Level
directly on Cube Printed colors
Weight 98gr
26 Pieces - Cubies

V-Collections - Gems of Design


Australian architecture has generally been consistent with architectural trends in the wider Western World, with some special adaptations to compensate for distinctive Australian climatic and culture factors. Indigenous Australians produced only semi-permanent structures and during Australia's early Western history, it was a collection of British colonies in which architectural styles were strongly influenced by British designs.
Experience Australia’s iconic designs such as the UNESCO listed Sydney Opera House, the Melbourne Royal Exhibition Building, as well as penal colony sites selected for World Heritage protection in 2010, while you enjoy the intellectual challenge  of  the cleVer Cube, the finest quality rotational puzzle.
Buy now and add the magic of architectural design gems to your V-Collections!

3 Layers
three-layered cube
shape Pillow-shaped
colouration Printed colors
dimensions 6,4x6,4x6,4 cm
weight 98 gr
pieces 26
No. of Colors image
Design Gems - Australia - V-CUBE 3 Pillow

Australia - V-CUBE 3 Pillow

  • Brand: V-CUBE
  • Product Code: Design Gems - Australia - V-CUBE 3 Pillow
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 17.00€

Tags: 2 Layer V-Cube, 6 Color V-Cube, Flat Shaped V-Cube, White Body V-Cube, V-Collections, Gems of Design

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