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V-Cube is inviting all V-Fans to take your mouse or camera in hand and write an article or make a video on V-Cube.  It could be a cube review or a subject you choose.

SUPER Student V-Cube Event in Spain!!

What a Day!!

Tutorial & Competition at Madrid’s Dideco Store

Students gathered at the Dideco Store in Madrid for a full day of V-Cube fun and games. The super event organized by V-Cube’s partner in Spain,  Aquamarine Games and the Dideco Group of retail stores, gave excited, young V-Fans a chance to learn how to solve the  3x3x3 and, as an added plus, the tutorial was presented  by well-known Spanish cube champions Rodrigo Pueblas  and Asier Cardoso.
The event took place on April 16th and included a competition and blind solve where excitement reached full pitch!!

Gauguin and van Gogh Self Portraits Dedicated to Each Other

Turn&Learn ….
more about the relationship between Gauguin and van Gogh.

Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh had an artistic bond and friendship, which led Gauguin to join van Gogh in Arles, south of France at the ‘yellow house.’
The artists lived and worked together painting the same subjects, each in his own style. However, van Gogh’s dream of turning the ‘yellow house’ into the Studio of the South never materialized. WHY..?

V-CUBE the Original Pillow cube

The V-Cube ‘Pillow’: Shaping the world of cubing in the 21st century

Panagiotis Verdes, the creator of V-Cube, had a vision. He wanted to prove that a cube higher than five layers was not a ‘MISSION IMPOSSIBLE’.
The ‘Pillow’ is one more innovation from V-Cube, the 21st Century Cube.

V-Cube On Display in NYC!

V-Cube at American International Toy Fair 2016

February 13-16 Saturday-Tuesday

Toy Fair, held at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, is an annual event of international stature where the world’s freshest ideas and hottest trends are on display for members of the industry.

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