V-Cube Innovation

Patented Unified Technology

V-Cube's vision is to give fans a unique opportunity to develop their skills and create continuous challenge to their cubing experience.

V-Cube constructs every cube, in all our product lines, V-Classics, V-Collections, Corporate Cubes and Create Your Own Personalized Cubes, using the same technology invented by Panagiotis Verdes, a Greek Engineer, responsible for the world’s first 6x6x6 and 7x7x7 cubes.

V-Cube innovation incorporates the same superior rotational mechanism for all cube sizes. V-Cube’s unified mechanism is based on the cube’s breakthrough conical internal design, which opens up new possibilities for endless expansion.

The key is the simple but unique design of V-Cube's unified corner piece which reaches the appropriate depth in the cube’s interior and ensures the sturdy construction and the smooth rotation of all cube sizes.

V-Cube Patented Unified Technology for rotational puzzles

V-Cube’s revolutionary, patented mechanism improves the design of all existing cubes and led to the introduction of V-Cube’s unique ‘pillow’ shaped design, a worldwide first!
V-Cube is ‘changing the world of cubes’ with a 21st century mechanism that raises the potential for rotational puzzles to an infinite level.

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