New, exciting website

V-CUBE™ new, exciting website 2015  is designed for viewing on all screens, smartphones, notebooks, tablets. You’ll find complete information and specifications on the full range of V-CUBE™ high quality products, the largest cube collection EVER
Visit our e-shop, socialize and become a member of the V-Cube community.

NEW V-Collections

NEW V-Collections series of theme cubes with something for everyone! Eye-catching, cubic art in seven categories.

Inspirational  AND educational, you’ll learn interesting facts about  your favorite subjects, building your knowledge while enjoying the challenge of an intellectual puzzel game.

V-CUBE™ theme cube V-Collections

6th Year Anniversary Discount

We celebrate our 6th year anniversary and we offer our fans a great discount.

Dear friends and valued customers,
It is already six years since V-CUBE™ introduced our amazing cubes based on our patented technology to the world. In these six years, our product range has expanded and new concepts have been introduced. All these thanks to you, our dedicated fans.

V-CUBE Athens Open 2013

Ο πρώτος επίσημος διαγωνισμός SpeedCubing στην Ελλάδα είναι πραγματικότητα!
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