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International Puzzle Party 25 Helsinki, Finland - 1st Honourable Mention – 2005

A prototype of the V- CUBE™6 was first presented in the International Puzzle Party of 2005 in Helsinki, Finland. This was the first time a fully functional 3-dimensional cubic puzzle of over 5 layers was presented to the public and it was received with great enthusiasm. It was immediately perceived as a real breakthrough in the 3-D cubic puzzle games space and for that it received the 1st honourable mention during the event.

Pentawards - Silver award for the V-CUBE 2™ packaging – 2011

PentawardsPentawards is the first on-line global awards competition devoted entirely to packaging design. V-CUBE™ won a silver award in the "Other markets - Entertainment" category for the pioneering V-CUBE 2™ packaging.

Amongst the Pentawards winners this year were some of the most famous brands worldwide like Coca Cola, Jack Daniels, Davidoff and Heineken. The only other toy to have ever won an award prior to that was Pokemon (Silver - 2009).

Creativity International Awards - Gold award for the V-CUBE 2™ packaging – 2011

Creativity International AwardsV-CUBE™ and Matadog Design, the 1st ever entrant from Greece, received a Gold Award in the Retail Packaging category of the 2011 Creativity International Awards.

Creativity International Awards is one of the longest running INDEPENDENT international advertising and graphic design competitions, running since 1970. V-CUBE™, through our designer team Matadog Design, took part in the 41st annual competition for the innovative V-CUBE 2™ packaging. Creativity International received over 1,100 entries into the 95 categories available to both professionals & students in Creativity 41 Print & Packaging. They came from 35 countries, 32 U.S. States & 4 Canadian Provinces.

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