your cube!

Design and Personalize your OWN cube!

CleVer Cubes give you the SPACE TO CREATE!
Create your design using the APP and expect FAST delivery of your customized cube.

Connect to Design & Create your Cube NOW! Demo Demo
V-Cube Classics the clever Cubes


Endless Challenge!

The cleVerCube that’s fun, incredibly challenging and offers endless satisfaction to every user.
11 different, six-colored cubes in flat design and our unique “pillow’ shape.

V-Collections cubes


We’re breaking borders AGAIN!

Fun and challenging designs, unique landscapes, a world of wild life and nature, art and architectural masterpieces, antiquities and travel souvenirs are all included in our initial V-Collections!

Design and Personalize your OWN V-Cube!

Create Your Cube

Think Outside of the Box!

Design your OWN cube.
Amazing for everybody to express their creativity in a personalized cube.
You can expect fast delivery of the customized cube, just as you imagined.

Insta your personalized V-Cube

So, whether you've designed your own V-Cube using Create & Design Your Cube APP or have customized your 'V' on your own, click a photo  and connect'

Here's How to join with the V-Cube World!

Instagram the photo of your personalized V-Cube

Take a photo of your cube on Instagram, write a short description, add hashtags #CreateYourVCube and #VCubes

Tag V.cube.official on your photo, this is V-Cube’s Instagram account where you’ll share your photo, see the photos of V-Fans worldwide.

Info For You To Know
  • Your customized V-Cube can be a new design or a personalized cube you’ve already created.
  • You can send a photo of the V-Cube you’ve designed using the ‘Create Your Cube’ APP
  • You can send a photo of the V-Cube you’ve re-designed on your own
  • Instagram your creative-V-Cube-photo adding
    hashtags #CreateYourVCube #VCubes
    and tap Tag-People V.cube.official on your photo
  • BONUS!! You’ll get a 20% discount on your next purchase
  • After you’ve posted it on Instagram, > "Copy Embed Code" of your Insta-V-cube photo.
    Come back to this page as Login user on your v-cubes.com account.
    Complete the form by pasting the "Copy Embed Code" and send to us.
    Soon you will receive your coupon for 20% discount on your next purchase, by e-mail.
  • We’ll share your photo thru V-Cube Social Media community & site

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