Best Summer Photo Competition

V-Cube's Photo Competition, 'V & You on Vacation' was running on V-Cube’s Facebook page all summer and there some were amazing entries!

INSTAGRAM Your Create V-Cube

Insta your personalized V-Cube

NEW!! Create Your Cube Connection!

Show & share your one-of-a-kind, personalized V-Cube with V-Fans worldwide!

Insta it !! and share your photo with the V-Cube World.

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SUPER Student V-Cube Event in Spain!!

What a Day!!

Tutorial & Competition at Madrid’s Dideco Store

Students gathered at the Dideco Store in Madrid for a full day of V-Cube fun and games. The super event organized by V-Cube’s partner in Spain,  Aquamarine Games and the Dideco Group of retail stores, gave excited, young V-Fans a chance to learn how to solve the  3x3x3 and, as an added plus, the tutorial was presented  by well-known Spanish cube champions Rodrigo Pueblas and Asier Cardoso.
The event took place on April 16th and included a competition and blind solve where excitement reached full pitch!!

V-CUBE Athens Open 2013

Ο πρώτος επίσημος διαγωνισμός SpeedCubing στην Ελλάδα είναι πραγματικότητα!
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