Gauguin and van Gogh Self Portraits Dedicated to Each Other

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more about the relationship between Gauguin and van Gogh.

Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh had an artistic bond and friendship, which led Gauguin to join van Gogh in Arles, south of France at the ‘yellow house.’
The artists lived and worked together painting the same subjects, each in his own style. However, van Gogh’s dream of turning the ‘yellow house’ into the Studio of the South never materialized. WHY..?

Natural History Museum London

The Museum is a world-class visitor attraction and leading science research centre.

80 million items of life on earth!!

V-Cube has created two new cubes for the Natural History Museum London Gift Store available on line.

New Gems of Design V-Cubes Vietnam & Ireland

New Gems of Design V-Cubes

Vietnam & Ireland

V-Collections is reaching more people and places with an impressive series of world destination cubes.

Vietnam and Ireland are two amazing new cubes from the Gems of Design series. These cubes are educational and exciting offering you the double challenge of solving the Cube AND the Puzlzle!

NEW V-Collections

NEW V-Collections

NEW V-Collections series of theme cubes with something for everyone!Eye-catching, cubic art in seven categories.

Inspirational  AND educational, you’ll learn interesting facts about  your favorite subjects, building your knowledge while enjoying the challenge of an intellectual puzzel game.

V-CUBE™ theme cube V-Collections
V-Collections new theme 2016 V-Cubes

V-Collections is on the move… with great NEW cubes!!

V-Collections new theme V-Cubes give you a chance to discover more about your favorite subjects as you ‘turn&learn’.

Explore South America, European capitals and Hong Kong. Take ‘Time Out’ to challenge your skills at a game of basketball, great new cube from the ‘Fun’ series.

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