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Greek Mensa's members played a few of the Labors of Hercules

On the 30th of June 2018, a gathering was held at the office of the Greek Mensa, where our members played a few of the Labors of Hercules, a puzzle game that was published in 2017.

Greek Mensa's members played a few of the Labors of Hercules

Unraveling the myth of the great hero, the game consists of four sets of Labors, each one of which contains three Labors. The difficulty of the game's puzzles is gradually increased from set to set and from one Labor to the next.

Each Labor is represented by a puzzle, which consists of thirty-six square tiles.
Each tile must be correctly placed so that all of the tiles form a 6 by 6 square. To reach the correct solution, the player needs to carefully study and comprehend the patterns which are contained in each puzzle. Those patterns involve logic, mathematics, geometry, cryptography and other elements.

Every Labor offers three hints to assist the player discover the unique correct solution.
Moreover, each Labor is accompanied by a story, which is a retelling of the ancient myth. Once solved, a puzzle forms a secret message that can be used to verify that the solution is correct. That secret message is loosely connected to the symbolic meaning of the Labor.

A national contest among the members of the Greek Mensa has been planned, in which teams of three to four persons will compete with each other to solve the Labors of Hercules in as little time as possible. May the best win!

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