your cube!

Design and Personalize your OWN cube!

CleVer Cubes give you the SPACE TO CREATE!
Create your design using the APP and expect FAST delivery of your customized cube.

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V-Cube Classics the clever Cubes


Endless Challenge!

The cleVerCube that’s fun, incredibly challenging and offers endless satisfaction to every user.
11 different, six-colored cubes in flat design and our unique “pillow’ shape.

V-Collections cubes


We’re breaking borders AGAIN!

Fun and challenging designs, unique landscapes, a world of wild life and nature, art and architectural masterpieces, antiquities and travel souvenirs are all included in our initial V-Collections!

Design and Personalize your OWN V-Cube!

Create Your Cube

Think Outside of the Box!

Design your OWN cube.
Amazing for everybody to express their creativity in a personalized cube.
You can expect fast delivery of the customized cube, just as you imagined.

Gramy Festival

Gramy Festival is the largest meeting point for gamers in Poland and takes place twice a year

Gramy Festival 19-20 November, Gdańsk, Poland

Gramy Festival is the largest meeting point for gamers in Poland

In this Autumn edition, over 10.000 people visited the sprawling AmberExpo in Gdańsk and had the chance to try out 1.600 board games, ranging from party games, to advance strategy board games and high order puzzles.

The festival's schedule was packed with activities including talks, seminars, workshops and competitions.
Rebel, our official distributor in Poland did an amazing job and V-Cube’s booth was bustling with energy. We met old friends, made some new and spread those good cubing vibes!

Keep an eye out for the next Gramy Festival in the Spring, V-Cube will be arriving with plenty of surprises!
For more information visit Gramy Festival's official website www.festiwalgramy.com.

V-Cube's Authorized Distributor, REBEL.pl is a publishing company, as well as the distributor and the biggest online retail store with board games in Poland.

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