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V-Cube Holiday Discount | December 2015

Happy Holidays from V-Cube!!

Enjoy a 10% Discount!!
Our tradition at V-Cube is to celebrate the Holiday Season by offering a special discount on all cubes to our loyal fans.

  • V-Collections Newest Cubes ...Travel Your Imagination!
  • V's in easy reach... Ireland & Greece

V-Cube Quality built into every cube | November 2015

V-Cube Quality built into every cube

Every V-Cube is constructed with built-in quality using the same patented technology for all cube sizes, from 2 to 8 layers.
V-Cube's unified technology gives "the 21st century cube" unique advantages.
How does it work?
Hint: the corner piece is the key!!

V-Cube Quality built into every cube
  • Just In
    Here's a first look at some of the awesome personalized cubes posted on Instagram by V-Fans
  • 'V's in the MIX
    V-Cube is happy to announce our new cooperation with Black Rock Residential Studios on Santorini.
  • Patented Unified Technology V-CUBE™ Built-In Quality
  • Two New Cubes Twice the Challenge! V-Collections new Gems of Design Vietnam and Ireland
  • 'V's here for the launch! The new Hamleys is the largest toy store in Vietnam.

Insta your personalized V-Cube

Insta your personalized V-Cube

Instagram your personalized V-Cube

Show and share your personalized V-Cube with V-Fans worldwide!
Post your V-Cube photo at v.cube.official and join our great community on 'V' Instagram.

V-Cube as a global quality cube! | October 2015

V-Cube's on the map as a global quality cube!

The 21st century cube has reached 110 countries through the www.v-cubes.com e-shop, thanks to our loyal V-Fans around the world.
In this issue, you'll also get a closer look at the V-Cube pillow and learn some interesting facts about 'V' Collections Series, as well as an insider's view of the new corporate cube for Metaswitch.

V-Cube's on the map as a global quality cube!
  • Latest figures from V-Cube!
  • 'Just Announced! Winners, Summer Best Photo Competition
  • a V-Cube Innovation The V-pillow-shaped cube is a 'must have'.
  • Turn&Learn ...for kids from 8 to 80!
  • Corporate Cube V-Cube created this cube for Metaswitch as a corporate gift to its employees.

New Season, Dynamic Activities | September 2015

New Season, Dynamic Activities

Summer is coming to an end and we're beginning a dynamic new season.
Our goal is to bring V-Cube closer to Fans worldwide through quality services and communications.

V-Cube New Season, Dynamic Activities
  • Best Summer Photo Competition. You Choose the Winners!
  • V-Classics The 21st Century Cube
    When you choose the V-Cube Classics range, you opt for innovation on all sides.
  • V-Collections Santorini Magic

Happy Summer! | July 2015

We wish you a great summer 2015

We're also highlighting the V-Classics 4 layer family and V-Collections Fun Series 'Funky Spirals, 'as well as Canada and Montreal's famed Habitat 67.

V-Cube Happy Summer!
  • ENTER V-Cube's Summer Competition, PHOTO SHOOT!!. 'V' & You on Vacation!
  • V-Classics 4 layer This even-sided puzzle cube needs a different set of strategies to solve.
  • Funky Spirals 3 layer flat Great graphics and colours are a fun combination
  • 'V' is available is fine stores throughout Canada.
  • Habitat 67 designed by Canadian architect Moshe Safdie

V-Cube 7th Anniversary!!! | June 2015

V-Cube Celebrates Our 7th Anniversary!!!

Seven years have passed since V-Cube introduced the 21st Century Cube based on our innovative, patented technology.
This issue focuses on our amazing journey during last year with our new product categories V-Classics & V-Collections, international activities and interesting corporate news

V-Cube Celebrates Our 7th Anniversary!!!
  • V-Cube ...On The Move For 7 Years!
  • V-Classics Great to play & compete!
  • V-Collections No Ordinary Cube!
  • Welcome UAE to the V-Cube World!
  • INTRALOT chooses V-CUBE
  • Hola MEXICO! V-Cube's on the shelves in fine toy stores

CENTRE STAGE!! | May 2015

The 1st Show in the World around the Cube Puzzle!!

Other hot topics are 'Hard Rock', V-Cube's sturdy 5x5x5 known for its smooth performance, Corfu Town, top choice this month in the V-Collections series and the great, new V-Cube especially designed for the Allianz Arena Munich.

The 1st Show in the World around the Cube Puzzle!!
  • The CubARTbrothers take V-Cube to the theatre!
  • Hard Rock No better 5x5x5
  • Corfu Town No Ordinary Cube!!
  • V-Cube at Avignon Festival, one of the most important contemporary performing arts events.
  • Our Cube for the Allianz Arena, Munich Germany

V-Collections Theme Cube Series | April 2015

And, the good news is...!

This edition of 'No Limits' focuses on the exciting activities at V-Cube this month including the super successful V-Cube Facebook "Share Your Story" Competition.
You'll discover why V-Collections is 'No Ordinary Brain Game' and get more info on New Share about 'what's happening now' at V-Cube together with our global partners.
You'll get a good look at new customized V-Cube designs for Tierpark Goldau Switzerland and Southampton University, as well as the featured V-Classics 7 layer cube

V-Collections Theme Cube Series
  • V-Collections Theme Cube Series
  • V-Classics seven layered Pillow shape
  • Dubai V-Collections Gems of Design Cube
  • 'Share Your Story' Competition. The winner is ....
  • Our series of Cubes for the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • Our designs for the UK National Oceanography Centre! Southampton
  • V-Cube at the Goldau Nature Park and Zoo
  • V-Cube for Venetis Bakery

Share Your Photo "You & your V-Cube"!!! COMPETITION

Win Win Win Win 4 Super V-Cubes

Win Win Win Win 4 Super V-Cubes

Share Your Photo "You & your V-Cube"!!!


'Funky Spirals' and 'Circles United' from V-Collections FUN Series and 'Maze' and 'Chessboard Illusion' from V-Collections CHALLENGING Series.

The first issue of "No Limits" | March 2015

And, the good news is...!

This is the first issue of "No Limits", our NEW e-Newsletter where you'll find the latest product and company news, inside information for speedcubers, happenings, the newest series of V-Collections theme cubes and everything that has to do with the cleVer Cube and YOU.

the first issue of No-Limits V-Cube Newsletter
  • V-CUBE™ new, exciting web site 2015!
  • V-Classics six layered flat
  • V-Collections Wild life & Nature
  • The Oldest Known Mathematical Puzzle
  • What Makes V-Cubes Unique
  • New Markets, New Fans France & Mexico loves V-Cubes!
  • Turn Your Brand into Cubic Art
  • Innovation Leaders Meet at Top Toy Fairs
    in New York City Toy Fair and the International Toy Fair, Nurnberg, Germany.
  • New Chapter for V-Cube at Barnes & Noble
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