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"No Limits", is V-Cube's e-Newsletter where you'll find the latest product and company news, inside information for speedcubers, happenings, the newest series of V-Collections theme cubes and everything that has to do with the cleVer Cube and YOU.

Season's Greetings | December 2016

V-CUBE wishes each and every one of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

V-CUBE's wishes

V-CUBE wishes each and every one of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

V-Cube Holiday Discount | December 2016

Happy Holidays from V-Cube!!

Enjoy a 10% Discount!!
Our tradition at V-Cube is to celebrate the Holiday Season by offering a special discount on all cubes to our loyal fans.

V-Cubing fun around the world! | November 2016

A Traveling Month for V-Cube

V-Cubing fun around the world! Speedsolving in Latvia & two brand-new V-Cubes released!

V-Cubing fun around the world! Speedsolving in Latvia. Brand-new V-Cubes released
  • V-Cube is in Latvian Open 2016
    Cubers competed in speed solving in Latvia's largest biannual competition and V-Cube had to be there!
  • V-Cube On board of "Game Track"
    REBEL took to the road to promote gaming
  • 2 brand new V-Collections V-Cubes
    Solve to explore the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Australian outbacks and to get up close to iconic bird and animal species.

V-Cube's In The Race All THE WAY | September 2016

'Action-Packed' Agenda for V-Cube this Month!!

V-Cube is proud to be main sponsor of 'Swim the Canal' of Corinth, a major swimming event in Greece taking place at home of V-Cube.
Five 'SURPRISE' Cubes for Winning Entries of Summer Competition!!!

Action-Packed Agenda for V-Cube - Swim the Canal - SURPRISE Cubes for Summer Competition
  • 'Swim the Canal 2016' of Corinth
    V-Cube is Main Sponsor!
  • YOU-V-Cube & Summer Competition
    Winners' Personalized Cubes.
  • Newest Custom Cubes
    Natural History Museum London
    Museum & Dinosaur Puzzle Cube
  • V-Cube across the Czech Republic

Summer's here! | August 2016

V-Cube's on the go with Fun & Games

All of us at V-Cube wish you a fun summer wherever you are, whatever you do

Summer's here! V-Cube's on the go with Fun & Games.
  • Daniel Megison's first wingsuit flight with V-Cube
  • V-Cubing. Playing it your way
  • New V-Cube Social Media Summer Fun Game
  • V-Cube's 'Art' Cubes for Museums
  • 'V's HOT in Spain!!!

V-Anniversary - Are you in the 'V' Loop? | June 2016

V-Cube 8th Anniversary - Are you in the 'V' Loop?

Are you getting the latest information and making your mark in the V-Cube World?
Get in the loop and sign up for all V-Cube's Social Media channels.

V-Cube 8th Anniversary - Are you in the V-Cube Loop?
  • V-Cube 8th Anniversary DISCOUNT
  • Be a V-Blogger
  • V-Cube Sponsors V-Fan

Event at the Dideco Store | May 2016

New This Month!!

We are always opening new doors to bring V-Cube closer to our fans.

NO LIMITS V-Cube Newsletter May 2016
  • Super Student Event at the Dideco Store, Madrid, Spain.
  • Original View to the revolutionary V-Cube 7 Rated By Our Customers
  • Van Gogh, New Cube in V-Collections Art Emotions Series
  • 'V's in Australia in toy stores
  • Quality Talks / V-Cube Fast Forward worldwide

'Pillow' Shape V-Cube | April 2016

FIRST with the 'Pillow' Shape V-Cube. When, Why & How!

In this issue we're featuring V-Cube's innovative design, the 'pillow' shape cube.
You'll also get an exclusive look at the customized cubes designed by V-Cube as a sponsor of Black Rock Studios, Santorini professional song writing camp.
Further, V-Cube is happy to announce we're on the move in Europe, with our products in retail stores in Poland and coming soon!! in Chile and Colombia, opening doors for V-Cube presence in South America.

FIRST with the 'Pillow' Shape V-Cube
  • 'V' Arrives in Poland!
  • Chile and Colombia in South America are new, exciting destinations for V-Cube.

V-Corporate News | March 2016

NO LIMITS V-Corporate News

V-Cube is happy to share with you the first issue of our new publication NO LIMITS V-Corporate News. Through this initiative, we aim to inform our international associates of V-Cube activities and business news as it happens.

NO LIMITS V-Corporate News
  • Two Top-Of-Line Toy Fairs
    Nuremberg Toy Fair & Toy Fair New York 2016
  • Poland - New Market, New Distribution Partnership
  • Corporate V-Cubes
    These one-of-a-kind cubes have proved very valuable to companies as incentive and B2B giveaways.

V-Classics BUNDLES & Toy Fairs | February 2016

V-Cube at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 & much more!

In this issue, V-Cube's week at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 (Spielwarenmesse) is top news.
We're also highlighting V-Classics 'BUNDLES' super collections with super deals and three new theme cubes from V-Collections Fun, Art Emotions and Gems of Design series.

V-Cube at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 & much more!
  • Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 (Spielwarenmesse)
  • Toy Fair New York 2016
  • V-Classics BUNDLES
  • New V-Collections
    Rio de Janeiro - Da Vinci - Basketball
  • 'sound' you hear while Cubing

Goodbye 2015! | January 2016

New Year, New Horizons for V-Cube 2016!

In this issue we say 'Goodbye 2015' with V- Fan-generated content on Facebook / INSTA during the year and 'Hello 2016' with exciting news on the V-Cube Exhibition at two international toy fairs, the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 this month where V-Cube is hosting a 'get together' party!!! and the New York Toy Fair in February.

New Year, New Horizons for V-Cube 2016
  • Goodbye 2015! Hello 2016!
  • Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 (Spielwarenmesse)
  • Special Cube for The Israel Museum
  • Quiz is the newest cube in V-Collections
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