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Verdes Innovations S.A.

VERDES Innovations S.A. started in 2008, is the sole producer of  V-CUBE™ products, a superior range of high quality rotational puzzle cubes  manufactured under unified V-CUBE™ technology, invented and patented worldwide by Greek Engineer Panagiotis VERDES.

The company, located in the Korinthos prefecture of southern Greece, consists of five divisions, design, production, sales, logistics and support, which strive toward excellent quality control and customer support. An authorized network of V-CUBE™ dealers worldwide insures customer satisfaction providing the high standard of support associated with the V-CUBE™ brand.

V-CUBE™ goal is to offer the best quality cubes available and to continuously innovate new cube concepts, sizes and themes. The company’s vision is to offer our customers endless challenge in the 21st Century Cube  offering  many options for fun, skill-building, creativity, inspiration, education, as well as an innovative corporate tool for communication.

VERDES Innovations S.A.  is recognized as a leader in innovation worldwide and is the recipient of many prestigious Greek and International Awards.

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