Gramy Festival

Gramy Festival 19-20 November, Gdańsk, Poland

Gramy Festival is the largest meeting point for gamers in Poland!

V-Cube was in Poland for Gramy Festival, the largest bi-annual meeting point for gamers! Surrounded by games, V-Cubes were in their natural environment and we had a blast

On board of REBEL’s “Toy Cantina” in Poland

The “Game Truck” visited 25 festivals and other events in the past 150 days.

REBEL, Poland’s online retailer of boardgames and V-Cube's Authorized Distributor, took to the road to promote gaming!

“Game Truck” gave the opportunity to grown-ups and kids alike to get to know contemporary analog gaming a bit better..

V-Cube is in Latvia for Brain Games' cubing contest

More than 30 participants gathered from all over Latvia as well as Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus to compete in over 20 different cubing disciplines ranging from entry-level to advanced cubes.

V-Cube Open competition event in Riga Plaza shopping center Latvia by Brain Games

Swim the Canal of Corinth

V-Cube’s In The Race All THE WAY!

September 27th, 2016 SWIM THE CORINTH CANAL WITH V-CUBE!!!

V-Cube is the main sponsor of the biggest swimming event in Greece, a 6km race for adults and children across the Corinth Canal.

The Canal, gateway to the Peloponnese, joins the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf the Aegean Sea.
The Corinth Canal has a history of its own dating from ancient times and swimmers from around the world will make their own history at this super event!!!

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